WSPC Dinner Dance 2013

WSPC Dinner Dance 2013

The Dinner Dance was held at the Club on Sat 9th Feb and was sold out at 80+ people, which was a tremendous achievement; the Club still scrubs up quite nicely!

As usual, a big thanks go to those who organised it; principally to Imo and Carol, to Evelyn for the decorations (who else would have thought of using turf on the table tops and what happened to it afterwards?!*), to Ken and Bob for organising the bar/wine, to those who did a stint on the bar over the evening, to those who cleared up on Sunday and lastly, to those that made donations for the raffle. It was a tremendous evening!

We are grateful to Chris Burn of Love Your – for his generous donation to the raffle, so this is a plug for his business; no compulsion… take a look and if you like what you see, give it a try.

I’m sure there will be some debate about whether holding it at the Club is a good or a bad thing; wherever we hold it, you can still dress up and let your hair down in good company, but at the Club, any profit does go to the Club; the bar sales also go to the Club, which are far more reasonably priced than at a hotel or similar venue.

The difference to previous events organised at the Club was that rather than it being totally DIY, we had outside caterers with service, which was very well done. The dinner dance normally aims to not make a loss or even a modest profit if we can, but this year, we aimed to make a healthy profit towards Club funds, which we did and is much needed in these difficult economic times.


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