Stockton-on-Tees dragon boating results 2013

We made the long trip up north to race in Stockton-on-Tees on June 16th, which was well worth it; we had first time racers in new members Fiona and Neal Johnson in the crew, plus 3 guests from other crews who had not made the long trip, but were up there on a BNTS training session. Racing is perhaps a little predictable and close as there is little between the top crews now.

Racing saw us breeze through to the final of the 200M contested with Amathus and Notts Anaconda, where we once again lost by 1 sec to Amathus to come second. The recent uTube video posting shows a very close finish in deed… 1 sec?

In the 500M we breezed through to the semi where fate pitched us in a repeat of the 200M final where only the winner went through by right and potentially 1 fastest looser. We came second to Amathus by just over 1 sec in the much faster semi to claim our place in the final along with Worcester. In the final we were placed 3rd behind Amathus and Worcester, with a little over 1 sec separating all three crews in a very close race where we had led at one stage well into the race.


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