Exeter Quay Dragon boating results 2013

Exeter was a landmark event for Tao on the 7th of July as we fielded 2 crews for the first time, but it was an event ‘marred’ by controversy. We had a nightmare in the 200M where a last place in our semi consigned us to the minor final in which we came last, or 6th overall, our poorest result of the season; controversy here in that the Amathus steerer fell over in their race, which is all part and parcel of racing, BUT they were allowed to re-run their race to get a time to proceed to the minor final as well.

Tao Too did very well getting better each race; they won their tail race to take 16th place in a time that was quicker than those contesting 13-15th place, but that is dragon boat racing… time is everything in those earlier heats to decide where you race next.

In the 450M it was time to face up and improve, which Tao did by finally beating Amathus in their semi final in a winner takes all race to go through to the Major Final; in the Major Final, Tao won, but controversy followed as on a non-buoyed course in what was the final race of the day where all crews finished very close together with Tao squeezed in the middle, we were judged to have committed a lane infringement, docked 1 sec and consigned from 1st place to 3rd place. No amount of protesting was going to change anything… most unfair!

Tao Too were in the Plate Competition where they contested the Major Final coming 3rd, a tremendous achievement.


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