Hampton Court & Dittons regatta results

Saturday 20 July marked the 125th HC&D Regatta, so there was a band, a cake, some races in the replicas of the original boat race boats, lunch and tea breaks. There were not very many entries, but a valiant attempt to stretch it out to a full day!

Paddy O’Neill, Lewis Spurling & Liam Moody all entered the J18 non handicapped singles which was good experience for the younger ones with Liam coming closest to Rob Cousins from Dittons, who won.

  • Lewis and Emily Tebbit won the J16 Mixed Doubles coxed by Paddy O’Neill.
  • Paddy & Will Oke won the J14 Doubles.
  • Steve Myhill and Mary Sherry coxed by Will Oke won the Mixed Veteran Doubles Handicap.

Steve & Mike Lawson lost in the final of the Gents Veteran Doubles Handicap, Siobhan Moody & Hannah Matheson narrowly lost in the final of the Ladies Junior Doubles and Liam & Ernie Burgess lost in the final of the J18 Mixed Doubles. Better luck next time!


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