River Thames Relay – are you interested?

We have put ourselves down to participate in the Thames Festival 2013 River Relay: http://thamesfestival.org/

The idea is to take a bottle of water from the source to Tower Bridge with all sorts of organisations doing a short bit each; not surprisingly, we are doing Old Windsor lock to Bell Weir Lock, but in conjunction with Staines Boat Club.

Why with Staines BC? Well, other organisations had already bagged Bell Weir to Penton Hook and the event seems very popular. Our slot is during the day on Friday 13th September, time yet to be confirmed.

We can do this in whatever craft we want; skiff, punt, dragon boat, canoes, dinghies, but as it is during the day and after the school holidays, our options may be more limited, although we will not be restricted to one boat, so as many of you who want to will be able to take part. What do we get in return? Well our Club, a write up on our activities and our website will be put on the main event website and hopefully we will gain some publicity from it.

When more details are known, we will let you know, but if you would like to participate, then let DT know and we can put your name down now.

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