Royal Albert Dock Dragon boating results 2013

Royal Albert Dock on 11th August presented us with the dilemma of not having enough for 2 boats and having too many for 1 boat, so volunteers were sought to step down for the day as it is impractical and unfair to rotate too many people. The intention was to go with 24, but with illness, 2 more stepped down on the day and we ended up with 22…eventually.

We did our first race with only 17 paddlers as one car load from Bristol misjudged how long it would take them to get there; we lost that race by 0.02 of a second, but still managed to go directly to the semi final as a fastest loser, thus avoiding the repechage.

And this seemed to set the tone for the day; while racing reasonably well, we never challenged for 1st or 2nd place in the 4 boat Major Final of the 200m and 500m picking up 2 3rd places having got there as being the fastest loser in the semi-finals, but being faster than the slowest winner of one of the semis… just the way it goes and even if you are losing, you are still racing the clock for that chance to progress, which we did well. Full results are available here.

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