Junior boating results – Summer 2013

Sunday and Thursday sessions for juniors have continued to be well supported with much appreciation to Emily and Simon Viotta and Michelle Oke for helping to coach, organising the kids on and off the water and helping with all the boat handling.

We’ve suffered from having no opposition to race against in the J16 & J18 Mixed Doubles and many regattas have not incorporated the new Junior J14 to J18 Singles events, so very much restricting the events juniors can enter.

Sunday 14 July WBC Junior Marathon

The first time our juniors have competed in this marathon along the lovely Wargrave reach. Many thanks go to the members of WBC for welcoming us all and providing such an excellent event for the juniors to compete in that gave us the rare opportunity for our under 12s to race in skiffs.

Paddy O’Neill & Mimi McDougal started 4th and overtook the entire field to win with a likely course record with Harvey Viotta & Rowan O’Neill both only 11, coming in a fantastic third.

Sunday 21 July DSPC Junior Regatta

An excellent junior regatta with lots of competition for all the Juniors, offering handicapped races in double dinghies for the ‘youngsters’ (7-12) and single and double skiffs for the ‘older ones’ (12-16).

  • Paddy O’Neill won the boys single skiff beating his rivals Ben, Wil & Will
  • Mimi McDougal competed in the Girls Single Skiffs and narrowly lost to Yasmin from DSPC.
  • Harvey Viotta & partner won in the open Double Dinghy.

This was the first regatta for Theo Burns who competed extremely well in his first double dingy races and won.

Sunday 11 August Sunbury Junior Regatta

Still the best junior regatta around; it’s the equivalent to the national championships for our juniors, extremely well organised, very competitive although fun, and a great day all the way through to the prize giving. It was also well supported by the parents.

The Boys Junior (U12) Single Dinghy was hotly contested by Rowan, Harvey and Zak yet a new kid on the block Harry Sims (Hannah Sims son from DSPC… who remembers her?) aged 7 just beat Rowan with a 12 second handicap; only fair because he had the same a few years ago!

  • Paddy lost to Ben in the boy’s Senior Singles.
  • Mimi and Paddy won in the Senior Double Dinghy against Will who gelled together well in great style with Will Stewart in an exciting final.
  • Rowan and Harvey won in the Junior Double Dinghy.
  • Theo Burn won in the Junior obstacle race.

Style awards were given to Paddy & Mimi for the Senior Double Dinghies and to Rowan & Harvey in the Junior Double Dinghies.

Harvey and Katie Knight (Kay Knight’s daughter from DSPC… who remembers her… WSPC Penang/Kota Kinabalu dragon boat trip in 1992!) won in the Sunbury Double Dinghy.

Lovely to see that competitors receive second place medals and all received a polo shirt for the Edith Topsfield Regatta with their names on the back.

All the points for first & second place along with style awards are totted up to identify the Sunbury Junior and Senior Champion and the Junior one was won yet again by Rowan O’Neill this year…. the fourth year running! Full results can be found on the Sunbury regatta website.

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