The Wraysbury Eye – June/July/August 2013

The sprint regattas are well underway and in fact August features both the Punting and Skiffing Championships; the World Dragon Boat Championships have been and gone at the end of July and the National Championships are next month; we will all be wondering where the season went soon!

This weekend on Sunday, as is tradition, the Skiff Championships (Teddington Reach) Regatta will be held at the Remenham Club in Henley-on-Thames. We will have crews competing from Juniors to Championships and they would I’m sure appreciate your support. The Regatta is run by all the Clubs so we will have to do our turn on the Teas and the Bar, so it would be good if you can help out as well.

I think the Club is quite busy, which of course is all relative, but the dragon boat is going out regularly with a varying number of people in, adults are going out skiffing and of course there are always lots of juniors around, the older ones skiffing and punting and the youngsters using the dinghies and canoes.

The Club is open for organised sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and summer circuits are being resumed on Wednesday evenings.

‘Ladies Night’ on Tuesdays is going well and we are grateful to Alison Bond for her coaching and Evelyne Canevarolo for her organisation.

Thursdays are of course the most popular day with food provided as well, thanks to Imo and her band of helpers.  You don’t need to restrict yourselves to these times of course; if you are proficient, you can come down whenever you want, take a boat out or use the gym. There are also new members across the board, which is always good to see.

Summer Circuits – Summer circuits were run on a Wednesday night by Ian Bowers from the dragon boat section up to when they went to Hungary for the World Championships; they will resume from Wed 7th Aug and are open to anyone who wants to attend; they are free of charge, but there is no food provided afterwards…. unless you want to open the bar and have crisps and nuts. Time – 19.00 for a prompt start at 19.15.

Little Marlow Sewerage Works – for those who are interested in what you are skiffing, punting, paddling in/on, or in the case of punters, falling into, the latest report from the EA from 24th July can be seen here

Moan(s) of the Month

 Leaving stuff at the Club that you think we might want – we haven’t had this for a while, but I was going to complain about the person who left one of our black buckets full of Victorian bottles and jars in the boat house, but having been there for a month or so and asking about them, they have recently disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared? Come on, own up, and what did you think we were going to do with them? If you have something that you think the Club may find useful, please ask Imo if we need it, rather than just leaving it at the Club.

Something that we do want… Dom wants a large mirror to put in front of the Dragon Boat Paddling Ergo on the mezzanine so you can see your style and try to improve it (well that is what he said… he may just want to look at himself in action!); if you have one, please let Dom know.

Something else we want… the Club lawnmower has probably had it, so if you have a spare one you might like to donate, then we need one.

On the Water

Remaining skiffing & punting regattas for the year

Sunday 25 August       Skiff Championships

Saturday 31 August     Skiff Club

Sunday 1 September   Inter Club (at Skiff Club)

Saturday 14 September           DSPC Club

Saturday 21 September           Wargrave Club

Saturday 28 September           WSPC Club

Saturday 12 October    Singles Marathon

Sunday 20 October      Doubles Marathon


Sadly, it all seems very quiet. I popped along to HC&D for the 125th regatta and they were trying desperately hard to spin it out over a whole day; I raced at Chertsey and as I was in the first punting race of the day at 10.30 actually wondered what was happening as it was so quiet; there were only 48 races.

W&OW was its usual mix of the formal part in the morning and the fun events in the afternoon which made a full day of it, but there were only 31 races in the formal part. We have been picking up wins across the board; juniors of course, and veterans, but also from Senior down to Novice.

It really is the sharp end of the regatta season, so unless you are new to the Club, there should be no wandering off up river to the Bells or Old Windsor Lock, you should be warming up, say up to the big bend, and then back down on to the Club course to pick up other crews to practice racing; it doesn’t matter if they are ladies doubles, mens doubles, mixed doubles, or even singles; you will be doing side by side racing at the weekend, so train for it.

If the crew you pick up is better than you, then let them give you a bit of a start and they have to catch you; if they are not as good as you, then vice versa. Ivan is available for coaching any time, even during the day if you want. He would be delighted to help you improve your skiffing or punting.

Moan – do not push off from the bank with the spoon of the blade; use the other end, the end with the grip. Do you know how much a new pair of sculls cost?  £462 + VAT; we’d rather you didn’t break them on the bank.

Social Events

On the social side there was a hectic weekend in July which included a quiz night on the Friday and a jazz band on the Saturday night.

At the recent Committee Meeting we decided that after the success of the last Dinner Dance, held at the Club that we would try to now alternate them between an ‘external’ and ‘internal’ event; last season, for various reasons we held it in January and hence missed the Crew Supper, so we have made a decision to permanently move the Crew Supper to just after the close of the season, probably on October, with the Firework Party in November and Christmas Drinks & Nibbles in December; we will permanently move the Dinner Dance to after Christmas when hiring an external venue is cheaper.

Sat 2 or 9th Nov – Firework Party

Sun 22nd Dec – Christmas Drinks & Nibbles

Crew Supper and Dinner Dance – dates to be decided


We are thankful to Egham Regatta, although it was largely in their interest because of the number of launches required, that we have acquired 2 storage cages to keep the launch petrol canisters and the spare petrol cans in, and one for the BBQ gas canisters. The intention is to put some of the spare paving slabs we have down the side of the boat house to make a base flush with the walls and then these will be fixed to the boathouse walls. We will then have safe and secure storage outside the boathouse rather than a fire risk inside.

Hatch, Match & Despatch

Sadly, we have to report that ‘Ginger’ Roberts, father of Robin Roberts passed away at his home on Anglesea recently; the family home used to be in Wraysbury on the creek opposite the Club and Ginger always had a soft spot for the Club after the untimely death of his son Robin, in whose memory the Rockin Robin Races are held each year. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

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