Wondering what to do with your old tankards?

Glossops Trophies of Sheffield (for those who remember ordering tankards from A. E. Ellis, they bought the business when the owner retired) will buy our old prize tankards at £6 per kilo to melt down to make into new ones.

Having weighed an assortment of ‘ordinary’ pint tankards won in recent times, you will get approximately 4 to the kilo or £1.50 each, which to be honest, doesn’t sound very much to me; I’d have thought that we could get more for them on eBay, but then there is the hassle of listing them and using eBay.

We are going to have a go at this for a Club fund raising exercise, (Dittons are also doing this) and for you to do a bit of de-cluttering, after all, your children are going to love you for leaving them in your will for them to sort out. As the cost of a new one is well over £12 each now (plus engraving, carriage and VAT) and as they tend not to be engraved with the year (e.g. Walton Reach last weekend), if they are in good condition we could offer them back to the respective regattas at a cut price.

To encourage you to donate your tankards, we will leave a box in the club house for you to drop them into. I had a couple of responses last time I mentioned this so perhaps there will be more interest now there is a firm plan; look out for the box in the Clubhouse to collect them.

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One Comment on “Wondering what to do with your old tankards?”

  1. Philip Barker
    May 21, 2015 at 4:08 pm #

    What to do with your sporting trophies?
    Not a problem I’ve ever had

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