The Wraysbury Eye – October 2013

Please remember to put lights on your boat if you are going out at night; the lights for the skiffs are by the boathouse door/punts. This is MANDATORY. If any are not working please report this to Chris so they can be fixed.

River conditions – a drop of rain and the Yellow boards have already been up and down and back up again, and even the odd red one already; please remember to check the link below before you go out. If in doubt… don’t go out… you can always use the gym on the mezzanine.

Look out for Evelyn’s Water Winter Training sessions on a Sunday morning; trips to the big weir, ideal for Meander Training as well as a monthly time trial over the Wraysbury Long Distance course. In particular, there will be one on the morning of Sun 22nd of Dec to coincide with the Christmas Drinks and Nibbles party including wearing something Christmassy.

The first time trial was on Sun 27th Oct including Halloween fancy dress, but before the forecast ‘Great Storm’; there were a few crews, BUT there could have been more!

General Club Stuff

Winter Circuits – these continue with a steady crowd at around 25-30 each week; we accept  they are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they will improve your general fitness and core strength for the forthcoming season and are suitable for all, be you a skiffer, punter, dragon boater, non-active member, or just a guest; you can put in as much as you want to get out of it; there is always some gentle banter, but you will be encouraged and helped to do the best you can; if you haven’t been, they are Wed night 19.00 for a 19.15 prompt start in the Club House. Hot food is provided afterwards.

Regatta Entry Fees for Skiffing & Punting (adults and juniors) – Phil Costello has recently sent out details of who owes what. We are at the end of the regatta season, so this has built up; it would be good if you can settle your outstanding fees as quickly as possible; many thanks to those who have already settled their account.

Club AGM – we have set the date for this as Thur 27th March 2014. Chris Thornton, our Captain of the last 3 years, will be standing down; we will be putting up the list of Committee positions along with some job descriptions, so you know what you are letting yourself in for if you chose to stand for the Committee.


Sat 19th Oct – The Thames Traditional Boat Society used the Club to host a talk by Stephen Riley, who was the Director, Maritime Heritage at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The talk was on ‘Our Maritime Heritage, Keep it or Lose it’. As his position suggested, he was enthusiastic, if not evangelical about his subject matter and the talk, including a presentation with illustrative pictures, was informative, interesting and humorous. Michael Tyler who runs the Racing & River Boat Museum near Beale Park was there and it looks well worth a visit.

Sat 2nd Nov – Bonfire Night Firework Party – what an excellent night; over £1000 put into the firework fund and it resulted in a spectacular display; our thanks go to Stuart at Staines Angling and to Ian and Paul for assisting on the night. There was also a fine bonfire, so thanks to all who contributed material for it and built it; there weren’t as many kids there as normal, but the adult ‘children’ more than made up for them by drinking the bar dry and eating everything. Well done to Imo and the team for providing hot food.

Forthcoming events

Sat 30th Nov – Crew Supper – look out for Imo announcing the format nearer the date, but this will be held in the Club House with food, bar and some sort of entertainment.

Sun 22nd Dec – Christmas Drinks & Nibbles

Jan 2014 – Dinner Dance – date to be decided


Carpet – the carpet will be cleaned in December after the Crew Supper, but before the Christmas Nibbles & Drinks and will be done to cause minimum disruption to Club life; when it has been done, please be considerate if the car park and grounds are muddy, then wipe your feet or take your shoes off.

Mezzanine – not much action, despite saying we would, but we are now onto plan ‘D’ (or higher) and we hope to get some outer walls up over the Winter months. We are continuing to try to clear up and re-organise in the boathouse and underneath the club house.

We have arranged for the old beer barrels to be collected by an organisation called Keg Watch which reunites lost barrels with their rightful owners, rather than them being illegally sold to scrap yards.

We have also moved the few remaining private sculling boats to more accessible racks near the front of the boathouse, although they are still relatively high up, but reachable. Please look out for these when moving from one bay to another round the end of the skiffs so as you don’t bang your head on them.

We will be planning a series of mini-work parties to focus on specific tasks that need to be done to keep our facilities in good condition. The first one will be a Gutter Cleaning work party; please look out for the circular giving the date and time, and come down to help. We are also planning to complete the long talked about ‘picture project’ to re-hang the pictures and trophies that were in the old Clubhouse as well as getting the Honours Boards updated and re-hung over the veranda doors by the Christmas Nibbles & Drinks party.

Hatch, Match & Despatch

Sort of Despatch… we said goodbye to Peeley O’Neill as he and Carolyn head off to Australia at least for the next 6 months or so to look at starting a new life out there and I’m sure we all send them off with our best wishes for a bright future.

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