The Wraysbury Eye – June 2016

Recent Events
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Annual subscriptions Pilates, Stretch & Core
Moan(s) of the Month
Wash Your Hands! Regatta Work Parties
On the Water
Damage Coxes
SSPC 6K Head – Saturday 21 May Jui Dashes – Thursday 2nd June
Egham – Sunday 26 June Upcoming regattas
Dragon Boating
Powerhouse, Stockton Wraysbury
St Neots Upcoming regattas
Ian MacDougal Punt Launch The Strodes World Jazz Project Band
Disabled Shower Room Lawn mowing


Recent Events

Since the last Eye, we seem to have been showing off the Club to different outside organisations, which is good for the finances, but more importantly, we hope they like what they see and partook in, and will be back for more, possibly as members.

The Club has been used by The Blind Runners again in conjunction with Runnymede Runners, by 2 companies that used the Club as the base for running Corporate Dragon Boat Days, and dragon boat events hosted directly by us for Elaine Stewart’s ‘Mums’, BP, Heinz, 60 Coldstream Guards who are currently based at the barracks in Windsor and last but not least, Wraysbury Scouts.

The Club has also successfully hosted 2 big events with around 500 competitors at each in the 4th British Dragon Boat Association National League event and Egham Regatta.

On Thursday 2nd June we ran the Jui Dashes with a far bigger turnout than expected on an unexpectedly cold June evening. A full report is included under Skiffing.

On Sunday 5th June, we had the launching of the ‘Ian MacDougal’ punt that Paul Barfoot renovated with some help from Bob Silvey; friends and members of Ian’s family were there to see it christened and launched.

Carol ran a refresher for the first L2Row course on June on Sat 18th, Sat 25th and Mon 27th.

This month we have 2 further lots of scouts and potentially some more Coldstream Guards from Windsor.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped at any of these events, because without you, they just wouldn’t happen.

The skiffing & punting sprint regattas begin in earnest this month with the TVSC Club Regatta on Sat 16th July and then almost every week thereafter till the end of September, when the Marathons resume.

While there is quite a lot of detail in here on the dragon boating side, because these are the events that are happening at present, there has been a ‘lot’ of skiffing activity at the Club over the last month or so with quite a lot of crews going out, particularly on a Thursday evening; not quite queuing for boats but a much improved level of activity. Long may it continue.

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General Club Stuff

Annual subscriptions – these are now well overdue, as the subscription year starts on 1st April – have you paid yours?

Pilates, Stretch & Core – Carol has been running a very successful class on a Monday evening; look out for notices on when this is on as we approach the holiday season, as it will not be on every week throughout the Summer.


Moan(s) of the Month

From Imo – Boys, it would be really good if you brought your own shampoo/shower gel to the club and stopped using the hand wash provided for the wash hand basins!
Regatta Work Parties – we get through, but it takes much longer the less people there are to help; please do not just assume that someone else will do it; the next regatta to be hosted by the Club is Wraysbury & Old Windsor on Sat 6th Aug, so there will be a work party on Fri 5th Aug; we do not have the luxury and extra time a Sat afternoon work party brings, so please support this when Bob and Pam Silvey put out a request for help. It can be fun and it is all part of the Club spirit…. and it isn’t like getting a plumber or an electrician in and paying them to do it – it is something only we, the membership can do.


On the Water



Damage: Please let us know if there is any damage to blades or boats so they can receive attention. You can write this on the white board on the boathouse door.
Coxes: A gentle reminder; coxes do not just miraculously appear to cox doubles crews at regattas; a crew needs to arrange their own cox and hopefully also train with them in the preceding week(s). Please ask well before hand, not at the last minute, or not at all.

SSPC 6K Head – Saturday 21 May: We had 3 crews entered in this event, but Phil Footit contrived to try to cut off his thumb at work, so the crews had to be re-arranged a bit; Steve Myhill and Phil Costello, coxed by Dave Bowyer raced in the Higher status and won, by virtue of the fact they were the only crew in this category after Phil Footit and Dave Boyer had to withdraw.

Dave Bowyer and John Dymott coxed by Mike O’Neill, who was previously going to race with John, raced in the Intermediate status coming second.

We couldn’t possibly comment on how they came in the overall results relative to each other.

Jui Dashes – Thursday 2nd June: The date was chosen to coincide with the longer evenings, the school holidays and we thought, a high probability of a warm summers evening. We were wrong on the last count – it felt like February!

This didn’t put off the entrants and we had a bumper entry for the event, with skiffers from SSPC, TVSC and DSPC joining with those from Wraysbury. We had 12 crews and everyone enjoyed at least two races, with crews exiting on a knockout basis after losing twice; many races were nail bitingly close, but expertly judged by Murray Jones on the finish line.

There was the normal healthy debate as to why some crews were ‘two girls’, others ’two guys’ and others ‘mixed’ – from the racing results, it was evident that it’s a mystery science as to what makes up a winning crew for the short sprint races!

The final race was between Mary (from TVSC) & Paul Barfoot, coxed by Therie (from TVSC) versus Martin Egginton (TVSC) and Will Oke of WSPC, the winners being Martin and Will, coxed by Hannah Egginton (from TVSC).

Thanks to Bob Silvey for standing out in the cold starting every race, to Murray Jones for judging the finish, to those that got the boats ready and to Carol Cornell and Mike O’Neill who sorted out the draw. WSPC President Paul Barfoot presented the prizes and the silver salver, which is engraved with the winners from the past 22 years.

Lastly, a big thank you to those that helped prepare the winter fodder that were enjoyed afterwards (to warm everyone through!), with a drink or two.

Egham – Sunday 26 June: Another full day with 200+ races, one every 3 min from 8.30 a.m. through to 19.00 p.m., however there were very few skiff races (7) and some of those were scratched; unfortunately, there were no entries from WSPC, as those events entered did not run, as they were the only entries. There was also no Punting offered this year.

Calendar of Events for 2016

Below are just the dates for the Skiffing & Punting regattas.

Please note cancelled regattas this year and possible dates for a rearranged Wraysbury Long Distance Sculls before the SRA Marathons

Sunday 10 July – WBC Junior Marathon (CANCELLED)
Saturday 23 July – Hampton Court & Dittons
Sunday 24 July – DSPC Junior Regatta
Fri/Sat 29/30 July – Wargrave & Shiplake
Saturday 30 July – Chertsey & Shepperton
Sunday 31 July – Punting Championships Saturday 6 August – Wraysbury & Old Windsor
Saturday 13 August – Sunbury
Sunday 14 August – Sunbury Junior Regatta
Saturday 20 August – Walton Reach
Sunday 28 August – Skiff Championships
Saturday 3 September – Skiff Club
Saturday 3 September – Great River Race
Saturday 10 September – WSPC Club
Sunday 11 September – Inter Club (WSPC)
Saturday 17 September – DSPC Club
Saturday 24 September – Wargrave Club (CANCELLED)
Saturday 24 September – rearranged WSPC Long Distance Sculls or
Saturday 1 October – rearranged WSPC Long Distance Sculls
Saturday 8 October (pm) – Singles Marathon
Sunday 16 October (am) – Doubles Marathon

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There hasn’t been any punting at regattas yet, but the Ian MacDougal punt is on the trolley, available for people to use as a practice punt and has in fact been used a number of times since it was launched. Dave Taylor tends to go out on Wednesday evening and can show you the rudiments of punting (It would be a gross exaggeration to say he could coach you!).

Paul Barfoot is available for proper coaching and there have been a number of requests from people to give it a go, so let’s see if we can have a bit of a mini resurgence in punting at the Club.


Dragon Boating

Powerhouse, Stockton – 29th May: A fantastic days racing at a good multi-lane buoyed venue; forced to race with only 16 paddlers to keep the correct ratio of paddlers for a Mixed crew due to the unfortunate and unavoidable late withdrawal of 2 of our ladies, Wraysbury were once again the highest placed Mixed crew in all three events – 200m, 500m and 2000m, but much more than that, they truly rose to the occasion to win the 200m and came second in both the 500m and 2000m, cementing our position at the top of the shadow Mixed League and more than earning our second place in the Premier League. Well done to the 6 ladies who had to do every race, three of whom had trained with the GB Senior A’s all the day before and to the men who were rotated for each race, as they all sat out 1 or 2 races. A good start for Vaughn and Brad Collings, our new recruits from the Kingston Royals.

Wraysbury – 12th June:  Wraysbury saw the biggest entry of the year to that date with 25 open and mixed crews, including for the first time, 2 crews from Wraysbury, with the extra paddlers making up a scratch crew with junior members of Staines Boat Club; there were also 14 ladies crews and 2 junior crews, but with only 2-lane racing over the 200m buoyed course, this took some time to run off to its conclusion; each team raced against different opposition in effectively a time trail, once in each lane to take account of river conditions. The combined times then determined the final race you were in; Wraysbury came 3rd behind Amathus who were second and Typhoon who won. This was followed by a 5500m race from the old Citroens warehouse up Runnymede to the Bells of Ousley and then back to the warehouse to finish; this was won by Amathus, with Wraysbury a close second and Typhoon 3rd. Wraysbury were once again the highest placed mixed crew.

St Neots – 2nd July: While billed as a fair racing course with buoyed lanes and equal depth, there was some doubt as the event approached, as the last time it was used, one lane was very shallow and it was unlikely to have changed; this was found to be correct, as there was a 6+ sec difference between lane 1 and lane 3.

For the heats of the 250m, this was negated by the fact that all crews raced in all 3 lanes and their 3 times were added together to give them a position for one final race in a ‘final’.

Having been given a position, that really should have been it, because as soon as you were in a straight race, rather than a time trial, no one in lane 1 was ever going to win.

Wraysbury’s aim for the day was to once again be the highest placed mixed crew, however after 2 races we were only placed 6th and had to pull out a big race to improve our position in the aggregate times to make the Major Cup final. We duly did this from lane 3, the best lane and ended up second fastest; we were initially allocated lane 1 in the final, which we didn’t mind, as we were the highest placed mixed crew and had met our objective for the day, however Typhoon complained about the lane allocation and the organisers agreed to swap the crews in lanes 1 and 3 in all the finals, so Wraysbury were then allocated lane 3, by far the fastest lane and duly went on to win the 250m Major Cup final, with Typhoon 2nd in lane 2 and Amathus 3rd in lane 1. We were not really the best team on the day, but were happy to take the first place.

Helen had a show to go to in London, so after kindly making sure we had enough ladies to race with 18 in the 250m, we had to drop down to 16 in the 3500; by virtue of winning the 250m, we were placed at the back chasing the other crews with Typhoon in front of us; to win the whole event, all we had to do was close the gap on Typhoon, which we thought we had done, but the BDA timing apparently showed we had in fact slipped back by 0.4 sec, placing Wraysbury 3rd, behind Typhoon in 2nd and Amathus 1st. This meant that on the day, Wraysbury were once again the highest placed mixed crew and honours were shared equally between Amathus, Typhoon and Wraysbury to maintain our second place in the Premier League.

Remaining League events for 2016

17th July – Windy Pandas, Surrey Docks

14th August – Notts Anaconda, Nottingham

11th September – Worcester

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Ian MacDougal Punt Launch – Sunday 4th June: This was a lovely day well attended by Ian’s family and friends; there were speeches, nibbles, champagne and photos, which have been posted on the Wraysbury Facebook page.

The Strodes World Jazz Project Band – Sat 2nd July: Featuring our own Howard Lawes produced a magical evening at the Club with traditional, modern and even a composition composed by their director of music. The music and musicianship were excellent!

Forthcoming Events

Look out for announcements for the next social event at Wraysbury.



Disabled Shower Room: Work continues on the Disabled Shower Room. The new floor has been laid and non-slip covering and shower fittings are in place; all that remains is to fit the panelling.

Lawn mower: There is mains powered electric lawn mower at the Club and we are grateful to John Dymott and others for cutting the lawn now and again; do we have a volunteer to cut it on a regular basis?

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